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New Year’s Blues - Discovering You

Feeling unmotivated? Stuck? You’re not alone. January is traditionally an occasion for people to dream big, start on their next project or discover something new. It is when we look forward. This year, it is an opportunity to look within ourselves.

This year looks a little different. Transitioning to a new year in the middle of a pandemic is hard. People feel trapped and hopeless. There is seemingly no escape from themselves, their thoughts or their environments. What can they look forward to experiencing? What is guaranteed apart from zoom meetings and walks around the community?

We live in a society of vision boards and planning, but what exists between the images? Even worse, what if our vision board is empty because we are unsure of our direction? If we are unhappy with our reality, those in-betweens seem like useless periods of nothingness. Isn’t it better to zone out and wait for what’s next than to sit idle in darkness? Numbing seems like a great solution to avoid this scary place.

We all have ways of numbing ourselves with distractions. Take your pick! Work, social media, exercise, drugs, friends, the news. When we use these activities to distract and avoid ourselves, they can be harmful. They take you away from yourself and the present moment. No wonder we are unhappy. We think being in the moment with ourselves is so horrendous that we do everything we can to avoid it! We justify it too! “I don’t have time for that. If I do something to connect with myself, I’m unproductive.”

Lockdown is an opportunity to engage with ourselves. When we do this, we have more conscious awareness of what exists in our minds. Does your ego engage in negative self-talk? Whatever thoughts brew usually attracts similar back to you. If subconsciously you believe you are worthless due to your conditioning, you will attract people and situations that diminish and dismiss you. If you are numbing and ignoring yourself, how would you know this is happening?

It takes bravery to spend time with ourselves after refusing. Ease yourself into it. After all, if you were meeting someone for the first time in several years, you wouldn’t begin fostering that relationship by spending every waking moment with them.

BodyTalk is a tool that can help you connect with yourself. In sessions, we work together to understand the impacts of your life; consciously, subconsciously, energetically and within the body. Sessions are an opportunity to recognize what exists above and below the surface of YOU so that you can develop those aspects further or shift in a way to serve you better.

If you would like to begin on the journey to self-discovery and healing, please email to book your session now. Use the subject FREE BLOG to get your first session for free until February 1, 2021.

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